Microsoft in Manchester

It was great to see the different Microsoft Teams in Manchester over the last week. We (Quantiv) have had guys at a few different events including System Centre 2012, Hyper-V, Windows 8 and the Microsoft Partner Network briefing.

Two things have really stood out that I haven’t seen from Microsoft since PDC 2003 when the focus was a consistent .NET development experience:

  • The consist messages and development streams; everything from the PowerPoint slides to the client, server, phone and slate have been brought together under a consistent brand and experience. It will make things far easier for consumers and it looks great too.
  • The speed of development; having the consistent branding and user experience in place seems to have freed the development teams and there is just so much new stuff coming out it is untrue! There is loads of simplification, loads of new tools and features and basically empowerment of users. Although it is going to be a tough couple of years keeping up, I’m lovin’ it!