ExtJS in Planner Video

Looks like the new Planner case study is up on the Quantiv website. http://www.quantiv.com/news/a-planning-story-hotel-chocolat/

If you want to see some really slick Sencha ExtJS implementation, check out the video at around 1:24 and you will see our dual hierarchical tiling grid that scales to any side of data and our heavily customized WSSI grid with Excel style dependency graphing of calculations.


JavaScript String Performance

Some great work by Dave K this week looking at string concatenation performance for Quantiv’s Planner application. The results below enabled us to drop a custom ExtJS grid’s template rendering time from ~6s to a few hundred milliseconds, with consistent results across browsers. There is also a significant difference between Chrome and the rest of the browser universe!

Results: http://jsperf.com/string-concat-vs-regex-replace/2