P. Nerdy is the stage name of Richard “PocketNerd” Stockley, a Microsoft Technology Specialist working in the North West of England. Unfortunately, lots of little spods keep pinching PocketNerd as a username and it is becoming increasingly difficult to have a consistent web presence so I have decided to re-invent myself (similar to Sean Combs) as P. Nerdy.

P. Nerdy, the artist formerly known as PocketNerd, has been working in Microsoft Technologies since graduating from Manchester University in 1998 with an MSc in Advanced Computer Science. He has worked for numerous blue chip companies in and around Europe implementing Microsoft based solutions. His roles within these companies have varied covering pure architecture, design, development and integration within Windows, web and office arenas. These roles have typically used leading edge technologies and been within technically challenging environments, P. Nerdy ‘s previous employers including (there are many other high profile companies that projects have been completed for too):

  • Manheim
  • Maginus
  • Quantiv
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (Global Banking and Markets)
  • Microsoft
  • ICS Solutions
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Barclays Capital
  • Avanade
  • London Stock Exchange
  • UBS Warburg
  • ABB
  • EDS

Nowadays, P.Nerdy uses this site to provide bits of technical information he stumbles across in his day-to-day life in his current role as a freelance Microsoft technology specialist. Although these titbits will typically be Microsoft based (C#, .NET, ASP.NET MVC, SharePoint, etc.), you’ll find some web stuff creeping in there through Angular, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery etc. and other random bits of tech.

In addition to here, you can also find P. Nerdy on:





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