Big Move

A big “well done” to the team here at Quantiv for seamlessly moving one of our retail customers over to a new hosting provider.

Tills, distribution centre, website, accounts, analysis, reporting and the kitchen sink were all moved over to their new home without a single hitch. Great job!


Book: Windows Phone 7 Development Internals

I still have the words ‘never again’ ringing in my ears after my old mate Andrew Whitechapel published “.NET Development for Microsoft Office” ! But, I’m really pleased to see the extra years of rugby, alcohol abuse and loud music have numbed the pain sufficiently to write a new one: Windows Phone 7 Development Internals.

Andres writes really well and can explain technology in simple and easy to understand ways so i am sure this will be a great book. I’m in the queue.


JavaScript String Performance

Some great work by Dave K this week looking at string concatenation performance for Quantiv’s Planner application. The results below enabled us to drop a custom ExtJS grid’s template rendering time from ~6s to a few hundred milliseconds, with consistent results across browsers. There is also a significant difference between Chrome and the rest of the browser universe!



Still Hiring: Senior Developer

We have had 5 great new technologists join Quantiv over the last few weeks but we are still looking for a Senior Developer. If you, or somebody you know, likes to work with high throughput, high availability, complex business systems in a fun and friendly company near Manchester, then check out the link below.

Please note though that I’m not going to respond to anything here, apply online!