Why P. Nerdy?

Q) Slightly strange name right?

Well, once upon a time i just used to be the plain old PocketNerd (http://www.pocketnerd.co.uk), before cool things started to appear on the Internet. Now, you have to be really fast to get PocketNerd as a handle so i end up with all sorts of unusual and odd combinations in different apps. So, just like how Sean Combs changed his artistic name and became P. Diddy i’ve done the same and changed my artistic name to P. Nerdy! Lets face facts, Puff Nerdy is a bit too dodgy!

So, you can now get me as pnerdy on Twitter (@pnerdy), Facebook and of course as a www.pnerdy.com. PocketNerd is still kicking around too … especially on XBOX Live.

Q) Next question then, what can you expect from P. Nerdy?

Well, i’m still a techie and i still like to share information so, you can expect lots of Microsoft and state of the art technologies. Things you’ll see will include web stuff, Windows stuff, SharePoint stuff, Phone stuff, Slate stuff, Cloud stuff and lots of other stuff too …


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